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Oracle E-Business Suite's Database Structure
Written by Hasan Mir   
Sunday, 28 December 2008 09:31
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Oracle E-Business Suite's Database Structure
Video 1 - Oracle E-Business Suite's Database Structure
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In this tutorial you will be learning about the database structure of Oracle E-Business Suite. You will learn what schemas are there in the database, what is the significance of APPS schema, what kind of objects are there in various schemas. Also you would be able to explain what synonyms, views, sequences, tables, and indexes are. Also you would learn what procedures, packages, and functions are.

Topics include:

  • Database Objects
  • Schema
  • E-Business Suite Schemas and Schema Layouts
  • APPS Schema
  • Understanding Synonyms
  • Understanding Tables
  • Understanding Views
  • Understanding Indexes
  • Understanding Code

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